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Last Few Days

Nice night last night, 5-2 NBA and a nice cbb winner in Stephen Austin St +3u (inside info), so +$3,600 for the night altogether!

Night before that I went 4-1 including 1-0, +2u (info). Night before that 6-5, info going 1-1. So in last 3 days I’m 16-10, info is 3-1, +8 games’ profit or so combined.

Today there’s a lot of games on the board, I still am offering my subscriptions and have a weekend deal for $50, or you can get the whole month of March for only $200 and I’ll start you TODAY! Email me to get started-

Sunday, Info 2-0 

Yesterday info plays went 2-0, +4u, and I went 7-3 altogether in cbb, +5.7u. Nice day!

Only a couple games of interest tonight and then we attack NBA, looking forward to it-

Weekend Package, Inside Info

Just want to let everyone know I’m currently offering a "3-day Weekend" special for only $50, all of my plays including inside info (1-0 today, +$2,000) and system plays, there’s going to be a lot of plays coming up and I’m expecting a huge weekend.

You can get also get the whole month (30 days) for only $200, so whether you want the month or the weekend just email me and tell me your name and twitter handle and number (optional, if you want text-capability etc) and which subscription you want and I’ll get you set right up. 

We have plays starting first thing in the am so let’s go, email me and I’ll get you squared away.


Friday Festivities

No NBA for a few days but there’s plenty of cbb coming up and we’re currently on a 21-11 cbb run in the last week or more. 


Cbb 1u: Columbia -4, Penn +11, Cincy -4.5, GB -5, Nia -4.5, Man +2.5 (info)  (lllwlw)

Cbb 2H: GB -6, Cincy -4, Cincy O63.5 (wll)

Inside info 2u: Man +2.5 (winner)

Since Czech Yourself post

A week and a half or so ago I made a post called Czech Yourself B4 You Wreck Yourself. I had experienced a prior downswing and just wanted to update everyone on how things have went since then.

It’s felt a little choppy still, as has been in fact, having some good days and bad, but here’s the overall numbers:

Cbb: 21-11, +9 games’ profit

cbb and NBA combined: 61-52, +$4,000

Parlays: 3-3, +$1,400

Inside Info, cbb this week


Important announcement, inside info will be getting cranked up today!

You may have noticed you haven’t seen any inside info plays in the last couple months. My relative who works for William Hill has been having major back troubles and actually had to have some surgery and has been recovering, and our other couple contacts were mostly worked thru him, I know them but they’re really his contacts, so I haven’t really been getting info plays like we did so well on last year. 

Anyway he’s back to work now, and I talked to a couple guys myself out there as well because after the choppiness of the last couple weeks it’s time to get this cranking again. I already have some info on a game tonight, it sucks we gotta wait a few days for NBA now, but I went 6-4 again on cbb last night, and that puts me I believe 21-11 cbb over the last week.

Cbb has been heating up as expected and we have plenty of those coming up over the weekend so let’s do it!

Thursday Night Threat

NBA: OKC -5.5 (l)

Cbb: Minn -5.5, LSU +1, Cali -2.5, Hawaii +2, St Mary’s -1.5, Jac St +4.5, Davidson -3, Stan -9, Col +1.5 (lwwllwwlw)

Cbb 2H: Minny -4.5 (w)

ml parlay: Iowa/Stan/Murray St/OKC +272, Hawaii/Stan/STM +364 (ll)

Wednesday Extravaganza

NBA: Wiz +2, Wiz O191, Orl +2.5, SA U206, Min U193, NO -5, NO O195 (lllwwwl)

NBA 2H: Char O92 (l)

Cbb: WF +5.5, Miss pk, N Iowa +2, Evans +1, UTEP -3.5, Iowa St pk, AF +3.5, Prov +1, Ore +2 (wlwlllwww)

Cbb 2H: UNM -7.5 (w)

Tuesday Plays

NBA: Tor -1.5, Mia -11, Lakers -9, OKC U200, Hous +4.5, Mia U199, Lakers U201 (lwllwlw)

NBA 2H: Mia -7.5, Mia U97.5, Sac +6, OKC -6, OKC U99.5, Lakers U100.5, Lakers -2.5 (wlwlwwl)

Cbb: Fl -10, Cincy -7.5, Mich St +1.5 (www)